A choice 750+ families – Happinest Palghar 1

Palghar- A district with bright prospects of development strategically located has many benefits for its citizens. We all know that though Mumbai is an employment hub but getting a residential place is a too difficult and expensive task. The proximity of Palghar with the financial capital of India and the clean air and water has made it a great choice for home seekers. Big names and corporate entities like Mahindra Happinest have developed efficient housing projects like Happinest Palghar 1 which have received a tremendous response. The launch of Happinest Palghar 1 - the third housing project from Mahindra Happinest, was an ultimate success with more than 750 homes being sold in 2019

But what made 750 families choose Happinest Palghar 1?

The Palghar Factor:

Palghar is located on the west coast close to Mumbai on the National Highway 8 which connects Ahmedabad to Mumbai. Moreover, being close to the Delhi-Mumbai Railway line it is a major stop of many long route trains of western railway. Such connectivity allows the people to move in a major portion of the nation very easily, especially between Mumbai and Ahmadabad.

In terms of the ongoing projects, 2 ambitious development plans will pass through Palghar. The Delhi-Mumbai industrial corridor and India’s first high-speed train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad will have a stop at Palghar. A new shipping port at Dahanu is also about to be established. A new large township under the aegis of CIDCO with world-class features is being developed as well.

Palghar has the highest area under MIDC and its own industrial base BIDCO which has more myriads of active companies and is an employment hub to 1.5 lakh peoples.

Mahindra Happinest Factor:

The aspirational project from Mahindra Happinest offers modern amenities in the most efficient way. The sustainable development ideology has got us the highest ranking- ‘Pre-Platinum’ accreditation by Indian Green Building Council

Happinest Palghar 1 offers a better open space ratio with several green gardens and spaces to play. This not only improves the air quality but gives a visually arresting appeal to the housing. The better security features and close surveillance proves to provide peace of mind and enables the children to play outside in the lap of nature. Jogging and cycling track, gymnasium, swimming pool, and badminton court are there to enhance the fitness level.

Club, community places, and spaces for cultural programs are developed while there are benches on gardens where one can sit and interact better with others. These things ensure a friendly bonding and develop the children for collaborative efforts and team works.

All 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats have been smartly designed to ensure maximum usability and make it easier for the elders and differently abled to have easy access to their needs. The walls and floors have energy-efficient designs while the paints used are low on VOC. Rainwater harvesting and greywater treatment facility are deployed to save the scarce resource while the potable water provided is filtered through a special mechanism ensuring the least possible wastage. Household waste converters are used to lessen the carbon footprints and manure thus produced is used in gardens for their betterment.

All these qualities are now getting rare and this completely different ideology has established Mahindra Happinest ahead of the competitions and innovative customer-focused housing solutions have made Happinest Palghar 1 one of the most successful housing projects.

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