Experience the Beauty of Palghar & the Goodness of Nature

Palghar has been blessed with the elegance and richness of art forms. It is the newest district in the state of Maharashtra. There are 8 tehsils in the Palghar district, and the region does have the greatest cultural heritage along with nature’s goodness! With open spaces, fresh air and clean surroundings that exude the beauty of nature, Palghar is the perfect location for a forever home or a weekend home for a serene getaway!

Palghar has its own way of celebrating the unique tribal culture. People in Palghar are well endowed with the beauty of nature. Hence, respecting the green surroundings and conservation comes naturally to them. Owing to its pleasant environment and adventurous attractions, the region is widely popular with tourists and weekenders. Immerse yourself in the beautiful natural world of Palghar on a scenic escape.

Gushing Waterfall & Beaches

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The cascading waterfalls and the serene beaches give you the best water-based experiences. Soak in the surreal natural beauty and seek some thrill with your family as you explore these amazing beaches and waterfalls in Palghar.

  1. Kal Mandavi Waterfall - A treat to the eyes and a nature lover’s paradise, this waterfall is located in Jawahar, which is the ‘Mahabaleshwar of Palghar’.
  2. Dabhosa Waterfall - Straight out of adventure magazines, this picture-perfect waterfall is something every adventure seeker will enjoy. Rappel down the base of the waterfall to meet the majestic views.
  3. Kelva Beach - Go horseback riding, swimming or just soak in the sun! This clean beach is just 30 km from Manor, Palghar.
  4. Shirgaon Beach - Exquisite sunsets, the sound of peaceful waves and a few pieces of history call you to enjoy the stunning beach.
  5. Arnala Beach - One of the popular beaches in Palghar, an ideal picnic destination awaits your presence. Make the best of your weekends.

Fun Trekking Adventures

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Experience the best trails and hikes in Palghar - a region surrounded by hill, mountains, dams, forts and expansive greenery. Go ahead and plan for any of the treks that will put you on a journey that is as exquisite as the destination.

  1. Asherigad Fort Trek
    Established 800 years ago by the Shilahara dynasty and later reconstructed by the Portuguese, this fort trek will be a delight for all hikers. You are going to have to walk up 2,000 feet to hit the top. Schedule a visit during the monsoon season and enjoy every step of the trip.
  2. Tandulwadi Fort Trek
    Tandulwadi was originally built and kept by the Portuguese as a fort which was later taken over by the Marathas. The last recorded occupants of the fort were the British army. The ideal time to trek to this fort is during the rainy season.
  3. Kohoj Fort Trek
    Situated in the village of Vaghote on the Palghar-Wada route, you ascend 3200 feet to the top. With a pond at the bottom, temples at the top, and a lot of water cisterns on the way, you 're certainly going to have the best time to trek.
  4. Takmak Trek
    Built on a very steep hill about 2,000 feet, surrounded by a thick forest, the Takmak fort provides a spectacular view of the peak. This magnificent journey will give you a taste of the remnants of history.

Pages from History

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Palghar is thronged with historic forts and palaces. A rich and varied past is being reminded to us by the amazing fortress present in this magnificent Palghar region.

  1. Arnala Fort - Arnala is one of the finest forts on the coast. Initially built in 1516, the fort is rectangular in form and nearly surrounded by water.
  2. Gambhirgad Fort - Located in the Dahanu Taluka of Palghar, this fort does have a lot of wild vegetation rising all around and you get the most beautiful views from the top.
  3. Kaldug Fort - Based in the Palghar Taluka district, the fort sits at an altitude of 1550 feet and is home to several tribes. The rectangular top is easy to see from a distance.
  4. Kelva Fort - Constructed by Portuguese during the 16th century, the fort is located at the southern end of the beautiful and serene Kelva Lake. Surrounded all the sides by the water, the fort offers exquisite panoramic views of the natural surroundings and eye-catching experiences of the tides.

The spectacular beauty of the landscape makes it the best place to settle down with Studio and 1BHK in Palghar or even a 2 BHK, if you are looking to live closer to nature. Happinest Palghar aims to provide you the complete goodness of nature with the luxuries of an urban development. Come home to the 1 & 2BHK in Palghar that are sustainable and affordable in a way that they celebrate the district of Palghar and provide you with the true essence of the region.

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